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How Do We Conduct Sewer Replacement and Inspection?

An inspection is a necessary first step to ensure your sewer lines are in optimal condition. But until recently, this was no easy task–narrow and treacherous spaces were challenging to navigate safely without the help of specialized equipment.

Nowadays, plumbing professionals can use highly advanced video scopes for efficient underground inspections: Using flexible rods with cameras attached, inspecting sewers has become much easier! With these sophisticated systems at our disposal, we guarantee that any problems will be located swiftly, enabling us to provide you with speedy solutions so your home’s sanitation system remains functional and up-to-date.

When Should You Consider Sewer Replacement?

Homeowners may be faced with the task of replacing sewer lines due to a variety of factors, such as age and technical issues. While it’s certainly no easy job, understanding why this type of upgrade is necessary can help tackle the project more effectively.

  • Sewers that get blocked frequently and require repair on a regular basis
  • Sewers that have been damaged for some reason and have become worn out and corroded
  • Sewers that are simply old and require too much work to be repaired entirely
Sewer Replacement
Sewer Replacement

What are the Common Causes of Sewer Line Breaks?

There are quite a few factors that can cause a broken or ruptured sewer line, including:

  1. Corrosion
    Pipes made of galvanized steel or lead rust over time, compromising their overall structural integrity that may result in leaks.
  2. Tree root penetration
    Tree root penetration is the leading cause of sewer line breaks. When the surrounding soil dries up, tree roots will always search for a new source of water. The temperature difference between the underground pipes and the soil causes condensation to form, making it a dependable water source. It may be just a matter of time before the tree roots put enough pressure to penetrate and damage the pipe.
  3. Severe blockages
    A build-up of caked-on minerals, dirt, and household debris can cause pressure that can, in turn, cause pipes to burst. This is especially true of old pipes.
  4. Ground shifting or settlement
    As the earth settles under a house throughout the years, pipes that are weakened by time are prone to breaking. Construction work with loud ground vibrations may also be a culprit.

Which One Should It Be: Repair or Sewer Replacement?

When the integrity of your home’s main sewer line is questionable, facing a repair or replacement decision can be overwhelming. Considering both short-term and long-term ramifications when weighing this important choice – including pipe material, age, anticipated future repairs, current damage severity, and cost-effectiveness is essential.

If you have existing plumbing made from outdated or fragile materials for reliable use going forward, investing in a complete system replacement likely makes better financial sense over time.

Is your backyard full of sewage? Read more for when you’re at a critical point and you should call our 24-hour sewer repair immediately.

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In some cases, replacing a drain or sewer line is necessary to restore proper functioning. Root infiltration and backpitch are just two examples of conditions that make it difficult for cleaning alone to be successful – thus requiring replacement of the entire line in order to remedy them. However, individual preferences may also determine whether repair or replacement seems like the better answer; while one person might choose immediate action following only minor issues (such as stoppages), another could find themselves far more tolerant over time with considerable expense on drain-cleaning bills before they commit to repairs being made. Sewer Replacement Sewer Replacement

Unresolved tree root invasion in drain lines can quickly evolve into a major plumbing headache. Left untreated, the growth will eventually lead to complete blockage of pipes and disruption of services that rely on water flow—rendering many products useless. Fortunately, copper sulfate or Root-X may be used to address smaller problems if there is still some degree of pipe permeability; however these methods are only temporary solutions as roots tend to resurface even after being eliminated by sewer cleaning machines. It’s important then for homeowners especially with older sewer systems installed near trees take proper steps sooner rather than later against possible root infiltration before the situation becomes critical and costly repairs or replacements become necessary. Sewer Replacement

Prevention is key when it comes to clogged drain lines! Try taking some simple common-sense steps like avoiding pouring grease, excessive soap or food down the drains. Additionally, crafty preventative measures such as setting up strainers on washing machine and bathtub/shower drains can help capture any lint or hair that could potentially cause an issue in the future – thereby eliminating your need for frequent cleaning services. Sewer Replacement

Water jetting is a powerful cleaning technique that utilizes highly pressurized streams of water to remove dirt, grime and other unwanted materials from surfaces. It’s an effective method for deep-cleaning hard-to-reach areas, leaving them sparklingly clean without the use of harsh chemicals or abrasives. Sewer Replacement

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