Backflow Prevention & Testing Birmingham

Backflow Prevention In Birmingham

Protect your property and potable water with a Water Backflow Prevention Device. This high-tech solution guarantees that any potential contamination of your system is avoided, while ensuring safe access to clean water for all users.

What is a Water Backflow Preventer?

Backflow Prevention In Birmingham

A water backflow preventer is a device that works to protect potable water from contamination or pollution due to backflow. In layman’s terms, it’s essentially a device that stops water from flowing backward in your pipes. This helps to keep your water safe from pollutants and other contaminants. Installing a water backflow preventer can help to protect your home from unwanted and potentially harmful pollutants in your water supply.

Benefits of Installing a Water Backflow Preventer

Installing a water backflow preventer can provide numerous benefits in terms of protecting your home and keeping your water supply safe. Not only does it protect against unwanted pollutants, but it can also help reduce the risk of plumbing issues caused by backflow. Installing a water backflow preventer can also help to reduce water bills, as it helps to ensure that water isn’t being wasted due to backflow.

Backflow Prevention In Birmingham
Professional Installation

At Drain Go Plumbing, we specialize in the professional installation of water backflow preventers. Our experienced and knowledgeable plumbers have the expertise to help you determine the best type of backflow prevention device for your home. We can install the device quickly and efficiently, so you can rest assured that your home is protected. Contact us today to learn more.

Backflow Prevention In Birmingham
Backflow Prevention In Birmingham

Key Features + Benefits Of
Backflow Prevention In Birmingham


1. Fully certified and tested for reliable performance – Every water backflow prevention device is rigorously tested according to industry standards to ensure that it provides the highest levels of protection from contamination and pollution.

2. Easy installation and maintenance – Our water backflow preventers are designed with convenience in mind, featuring straightforward installation and minimal maintenance requirements.

3. Variety of sizes available – We offer a broad selection of sizes tailored to fit the specific needs of your plumbing system so that you can find the perfect solution for your home or business.


1. Protects potable water supply – By installing a water backflow prevention device, you can safeguard your family’s drinking water from contamination or pollution due to backflow, ensuring a safe and healthy drinking supply at all times.

2. Prevents costly repairs – This device will help protect against costly repairs that may be caused by backflow, preventing damage to both your pipes and fixtures and saving you money over time.

3. Enhances peace of mind – Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that your drinking water is protected from any potential contamination or pollution concerns due to backflow, giving you added reassurance when it comes to safety and hygiene in your household or business premises.

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Backflow Prevention In Birmingham FAQ’s.

Backflow is a serious issue that can cause contamination of potable water, so it’s important to understand the two primary categories: backpressure and backsiphonage. When non-potable substances flow backward into pipes supplying drinking water, systems must work hard to ensure public safety by preventing these undesirable reactions from occurring. Backflow Prevention In Birmingham.

Backflow Prevention In Birmingham Faqs.

Potable water systems can be negatively impacted by an increase in downstream pressure or a decrease in supply pressure. This phenomenon, known as backpressure backflow, is caused when the force of the downstream push overpowers that from its upstream source. Common causes include pumps and boilers that produce higher temperatures or periods during which demand outpaces available resources – such as fire fighting events and breaks to main water lines. Backflow Prevention In Birmingham.

Backflow Prevention In Birmingham Faqs.

Backsiphonage has the potential to disrupt any potable water system due to a vacuum effect, caused by sudden drops in pressure such as firefighting operations or broken mains. This threat is comparable to drinking through a straw; with one powerful suction motion, dirty contaminants can be quickly sucked into an unsuspecting supply line. Backflow Prevention In Birmingham.

Backflow Prevention In Birmingham Faqs.

Potable water systems must be connected to outside sources with extra caution. Cross-connections involve a link between public or consumer drinking water and nonpotable substances, such as an auxiliary system for irrigation or cooling needs. Strict measures should be taken in order to protect the quality of our most precious resource – safe drinking water! Backflow Prevention In Birmingham.

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