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At Drain Go Plumbing, we have the solution for all your drain treatment needs! Our exclusive bioForce method is one of a kind – it’s an efficient and top-of-the line choice that will make your drains run like new. Let us help you get rid of any clogs with our unique plumbing services – guaranteed satisfaction every time.

What is BioForce?

BioForce is a natural bacterial formulation that helps prevent blockages caused by fat, oil, and grease. This product is applied mostly to drains but can also be effectively used for sewers, plumbing lines, and grease traps. By reducing build-up and digesting waste, hair, and soap scum, your pipes will be cleaner for longer, and the period of time between pumping and cleaning will increase.

How do we clean your drains?

With bioForce, keep your plumbing system free of organic waste! Our powerful blend of bacteria eats away at unwanted grease, hair particles and other debris that can build up in drains – all without harsh chemicals. Experience the power of a truly clean home with Bioforce today!

What is the purpose of using BioForce for my septic tank?

Maintaining your septic tank can be overwhelming, but BioForce has a remarkable solution. This innovative product is specially formulated to break down all organic waste quickly and efficiently;Its superior performance has even been known to restore failing tanks back into full health! With such an effective bacteria-based treatment, you can rest easy knowing that your system will stay running optimally for years.

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Effective Drain Treatment Services in Birmingham, Alabama

If you are located in one of these three states and need effective drain treatment, Drain Go Plumbing is your go-to drain cleaning professional. Take a look at some of the drain cleanings that we specialize in:

— Bathtubs

— Kitchen sinks

— Bathrooms

— Showers

— Septic tanks

— Cesspools and outhouses

— Grease traps

— Laundry drains

— Boat holding tanks

Whatever your drainage cleaning needs, Drain Go has a range of solutions for you. If you are looking to get more information about how you can resolve your particular drainage problem or you are interested in hearing more about how bioForce cleaner works, feel free to contact us for. To book your free consultation or drainage assessment, call us today!


Clogged drains can be a homeowner’s nightmare. If your normally speedy water starts to drain painfully slow, or if you hear strange gurgles coming from the pipes and smell unpleasant odors – You could have a clog on your hands! Backed-up sewer water in other fixtures such as tubs or sinks is also an indication of blockages preventing proper drainage. Don’t wait long before addressing these signs – A minor issue now may turn into something more serious down the road.

Keep your drains free of clogs by following simple steps! Be selective about what goes down, such as avoiding grease and oils – even excessive soap can be problematic. Utilize strainers to prevent lint or other objects from entering the drain line. Installing a strainer on washing machine hoses, bathtub/shower drains will help capture debris before it causes an issue in your piping system!

A clogged drain or sewer line is an annoyance, but it can also be a warning sign. If your line can’t simply be cleaned and there’s evidence of root infiltration, the only solution may ultimately be to replace the entire pipe assembly. Unfortunately for some homeowners, costly repairs often add up before they make this decision – however pre-emptive replacement could save time and money in the long run!

Keeping your drains clean and clog-free is essential for a safe, efficient plumbing system. While maintenance should be done on an as needed basis, preventative drain cleaning can help stave off potential issues in the future – so keep an eye out and take care of any suspicious blockages before they become bigger problems!

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