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Are you in need of professional plumbing services in Birmingham, Hoover, or Surrounding Areas? Feel free to contact us today at 205-890-3213 for speedy, professional, and affordable services. If you have a commercial plumbing issue, contact us to request a free consultation or to book an inspection. If you are in need of immediate assistance, we will send a fully licensed and certified commercial plumber out to your location to determine the cause of your problem and help you find a solution as soon as possible. So further damage does not occur to your plumbing system.

If you own a business, you are probably already aware of the danger of having plumbing issues in your commercial building. A plumbing issue will not only cause major problems and disrupt your day but it can also cause major losses in production time and even cause you to shut down until your plumbing issue is fixed. If you make sure to contact a plumber as soon as you detect that you have a problem, you will be doing yourself a favor — not only will you be able to prevent your problem from blowing up and becoming even bigger, but you will ultimately be saving money in the long-term. Learn about the benefits of upgrading your commercial plumbing system.


Commercial Plumbing in Birmingham That You Can Trust

Your organization can be vulnerable to a range of plumbing problems that could have serious repercussions. From blocked drains and leaking pipes to faulty water heaters; negligence here not only affects productivity but also puts your staff at risk of health hazards.

To protect the safety of everyone in your business premises and maintain optimum performance levels, ensure timely resolution for any issues with commercial plumbing in Birmingham!

What distinguishes problems in commercial plumbing in Birmingham from residential ones?

Commercial plumbing issues can be much more severe because they can potentially affect more people than residential issues. Also, a commercial plumbing problem can cost much more if you count the cost of disturbing a company’s regular operations. For example, a severe plumbing issue might cause a shopping mall to close, causing thousands of dollars in damages to each business affected by the closing.

Also, a broken faucet at a hairdressing salon might not seem significant. Still, it effectively prevents the employees from washing their customers’ hair quickly and efficiently, causing significant losses in the company’s earnings.
commercial plumbing in Birmingham
commercial plumbing in Birmingham

What makes commercial plumbing in Birmingham issues similar to residential ones?

Proactive maintenance from a licensed plumber is key to keeping your business running smoothly. Periodic inspections can identify small problems before they become bigger, more expensive issues and help you avoid costly water damage or plumbing repair bills down the line. 

Have plumbing issues stopped your commercial operations in their tracks? Drain Go can help restore business as usual. With our trustworthy services and free consultations, you’ll have all the resources necessary to preserve the efficiency of Birmingham’s businesses. Give us a call at 205-890-3213   today!

Commercial plumbing in Birmingham Drain Cleaning Experts

Our experienced commercand certified commercial plumbing in Birmingham are dedicated to providing your business with fast, efficient solutions for any plumbing issue. We specialize in tackling various commercial pipe repairs, from mending leaky fixtures to clearing difficult clogs using hydro-jetting or non-invasive video inspection technology.

Additionally, our top commercial plumbing company in Birmingham can replace collapsed pipes as needed, giving you peace of mind that all potential problems have been addressed correctly at an affordable cost. Whatever the job demands – big or small – our team is committed to helping get your system back up and running quickly without breaking the bank!


In conclusion, Draingo stands as a beacon of excellence in commercial plumbing services in Birmingham, Alabama. Our commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction makes us the go-to choice for businesses seeking reliable and professional plumbing solutions. Whether it’s a routine maintenance check or an emergency repair, Draingo is equipped to handle all your commercial plumbing needs with expertise and care.

Keeping your commercial plumbing in Birmingham property’s drains well-maintained is an important part of upkeep – too often and you’ll drain resources, wait too long however and it becomes a more difficult task. To achieve the perfect balance between diligently clean yet time effective, scheduling monthly cleaning near the start of each month may be suitable for most properties; whereas those that tend to put down solid waste require inspections on a weekly basis. It’s best to get the system evaluated by a professional to determine the frequency of drain cleaning. Commercial plumbing in Birmingham.

From chemical drain cleaners to household cleaning products, many items that are advertised as safe for flushing down the drains of commercial plumbing in Birmingham properties can actually cause a great deal of damage. These substances may corrode pipes or get stuck in the drainage system and emit hazardous fumes- not only creating an unsafe space but also necessitating expensive repairs. Thus, it’s best to avoid using these chemicals altogether if your business is equipped with a septic tank, since some antibacterial agents have been known to disrupt its function too!

Rather than turning to harmful chemical drain cleaners, commercial piping maintenance can be made easier with traditional plumbing tools such as plungers and drain snakes. For lighter clogs, consider a combination of baking soda & vinegar in hot water – an effective yet gentle approach to unclog your pipes. Commercial plumbing in Birmingham.

Regular inspections of commercial plumbing in Birmingham can prevent costly damage down the line. After any seismic activity or other critical events that may have affected your building’s infrastructure, a thorough evaluation is recommended to identify potential problems. Annual check-ups are also suggested – they provide an opportunity for early detection and intervention if any issues arise throughout the year. Commercial plumbing in Birmingham.

With a multitude of potential solutions to plumbing problems in commercial plumbing in Birmingham properties, it can be difficult to know which solution is right for you. To make the decision easier, let’s explore four practical options – trenching and patching/replacing pipes; hydro-jetting blocked passages; utilizing CIPP lining technology that repairs broken pipes from within without digging trenches; or pipe bursting as an effective replacement method when old pipelines fail. Depending on your issue and budget limitations each option has its own advantages so think about all available outcomes before making your choice! Commercial plumbing in Birmingham.

Regular inspections and prompt repairs are key. We recommend scheduling routine maintenance checks with Draingo to identify and address any issues early. Additionally, educating your staff on proper usage of pipe system and what to look out for can help maintain the integrity of your plumbing system.

Compliance is non-negotiable in our services. Our team stays updated with Birmingham’s plumbing codes and regulations. We ensure that all installations, repairs, and maintenance work adhere strictly to these standards, guaranteeing the safety and legality of your plumbing systems.

Draingo caters to a wide range of industries, each with unique plumbing needs. From restaurants requiring grease trap installations to healthcare facilities needing sterile plumbing systems, we tailor our services to meet the specific demands of your industry.

Absolutely. We are committed to offering sustainable plumbing solutions. This includes installing low-flow plumbing fixtures, eco-friendly water heaters, and advising on water conservation practices. Our goal is to help your business reduce its environmental footprint while maintaining efficient plumbing systems.

Regular maintenance is crucial in identifying potential issues before they escalate into emergencies. Our comprehensive maintenance checks involve inspecting pipes, fixtures, and connections, ensuring everything is in optimal condition. This proactive approach significantly reduces the likelihood of sudden breakdowns and costly repairs.

At Draingo, we employ state-of-the-art leak detection technologies. These include acoustic sensors, infrared thermography, and digital pipe inspection tools. These advanced methods allow us to accurately locate leaks with minimal disruption to your business operations.

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