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We can assist you with conducting a real-time visual inspection of your plumbing and sewer lines without accessing the pipes themselves. By inserting a high-resolution camera attached to a flexible fiber optic cable into your sewer lines, we can quickly inspect your sewer lines and diagnose any potential problems you might have.

We push the fiber optic cable through your plumbing, our camera is able to record its findings with great clarity. All the cameras owned by our team at Drain Go are 100% waterproof and equipped with top-quality lights that allow them to record every single detail.

While the inspection is being conducted, a live recording of your pipes and sewers is observed by our highly qualified plumbing technician whose job it is to detect any potential issues as well as make a professional plumbing diagnosis. In addition to being watched by a plumbing technician, we always save a recording for reference purposes — if you are interested in playing back the recording and seeing for yourself, you are more than welcome to!

Effective Plumbing Camera Inspection in Birmingham

Uncover the truth behind your pipes! Our high resolution video cameras can help you take a closer look to determine if any issues or obstructions exist that could be preventing optimal water flow. Plus, these state-of-the art tools will also let you verify whether repairs have been successful and make sure nothing new has developed down the line. Get an accurate assessment of what’s really going on inside with our powerful video camera technology today!

Plumbing Piping
Plumbing Piping

Results of a Plumbing Video Inspection

Identifying a plumbing or sewage issue can be tricky, but video inspections give you the information needed to pinpoint the cause. Some of the most common culprits are obstructions caused by roots growing into pipes, accumulation from everyday items like wipes and paper towels that don’t disintegrate easily in water, foreign objects entering lines unintentionally, and even corrosion due to corrosion to age. Act quickly if your inspection identifies any one of these issues!

Corroded pipes
Sometimes pipes can deteriorate and corrode over time. This can cause them to collapse and restrict the flow of water.

Tree root infiltration
Tree roots can grow over your pipes, sometimes leading them to exert pressure and even cause cracks in your plumbing system. This can cause major obstructions in your water flow.

Offset and bellied pipes
Pipes can sometimes shift and become misaligned due to shifts in the soil, an accumulation of rainwater, etc. Also, soil conditions can sometimes lead to sections of the pipe sinking.

Sub-par piping
Some pipes are simply made of low-quality materials and have deteriorated over a short period of time.

If you are interested in finding out more about video pipe inspections and the techniques we use to inspect the integrity of your plumbing system, feel free to contact us for more information. For a free consultation or to book a plumbing camera inspection in Birmingham, feel free to contact us today at (205) 250-9939 


Instead of tearing apart your walls to investigate a plumbing problem, our sewer camera inspection technology allows us to diagnose any issues with precision and accuracy. By quickly identifying even the smallest chronic problems, you can enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that we’ve got it covered!

With our specialized underwater camera equipment, we explore sewer lines and underground pipes to investigate a wide range of possible problems. From root intrusion due to nearby plants to broken or deteriorated components – nothing escapes inspection!

Don’t wait for small plumbing issues to become big problems! By scheduling a camera inspection of your sewer line, you can quickly identify the root cause and develop an effective repair plan. Invest in peace of mind today by ensuring any underlying plumbing concerns are addressed before they get worse.

Struggling with slow-moving drains, stubborn clogs, or poor water pressure? It could be time to call in the experts for a camera inspection. Our team may find corrosion and debris buildup from everyday household items like cleaners as well wear and tear of aging parts that can require replacements for optimal plumbing efficiency.

In addition to these issues we look out for backflow prevention device breakdowns caused by tree roots intruding into pipes or broken ones resulting from outside construction or yard work nearby! If you notice signs such as wet spots around your home’s exterior, sewage smell coming from drains – act now before further damage is done!

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